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Contact Program Schedule Contact Program Centers

Contact Program Duration Venue Confirmations to be
Mailed to
Fellowship in 2D Echocardiography 22nd sept, 2014 to 18h oct, 2014 Indore cp@medvarsity.com
29th sept, 2014 to 25th oct, 2014 Delhi cp@medvarsity.com
FICM 27th oct, 2014 to 8th nov, 2014 Delhi cp@medvarsity.com
PG Diploma in Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition Click here for more details Click here Click here
Fellowship in Diabetes 11th aug, 2014 to 6th sept, 2014 Ludhiana cp@medvarsity.com
11th aug, 2014 to 6th sept, 2014 Ludhiana cp@medvarsity.com
29th sept, 2014 to 25th oct, 2014 Hyderabad cp@medvarsity.com
PG DHA 22nd Sept 2014 to 3rd Oct 2014 Ludhiana cp@medvarsity.com
Diploma in Family Medicine 18th Aug on wards... All centers cp@medvarsity.com
Diploma in Emergency Medicine 7th Oct 2014 on wards... All centers cp@medvarsity.com


Terms and conditions
  • The confirmations for the contact program will be taken on a first come first basis and if the batch is full the candidate will be accommodated in the next batch.
  • It is mandatory to confirm your participation for the contact program by registering through email to receive all further information regarding schedule/ cancellation/ postponement ( if any).
  • Medvarsity does not provide any accommodation , we will however assist you with the possible options for the same.
  • Medvarsity is not responsible for refunds/reimbursements/rescheduling your tickets due to cancellations due to unavoidable reasons.
  • In case there is a cancellation /rescheduling you will be informed with a minimum time line of one week if you are registered for a contact program.
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